KSU series는 기존 Acrylic 및 Silicone 점착제에 의존해온 보호테이프를 Urethane 점착제를 사용함으로 경시변화 및 스모그현상, 얼룩현상을 모두 개선한 제품입니다.
Polyester, Glass, Polycarbonate, PMMA, Hard Coating 등 다방면 사용이 가능합니다.
PE Film의 신율 관계로 늘어나는 성질 대신 양방향으로 쉽게 컷팅이 가능합니다.
KSU series is using Poly-Urethane adhesive coating, prevent from several problems.(For example, variation of adhesive strength/residue of adhesive/smog/stain mark which are occurred at normal acrylic/silicon adhesive)
KSU series can be applied to various plate such of Polyester, Glass, Polycarbonate, PMMA, Hard Coating etc.
KSU series can be tore easily into vertical/horizonal direction.(Against stretch property of PE Material, it will be helpful at cutting/punching process)
Color Material Grade Adhesive Strength Thickness(mm) Wide
Clear LDPE KSU-10 10gf / 25mm 0.05~0.25 1500mm
Clear LDPE KSU-15 15gf / 25mm
Clear LDPE KSU-25 25gf / 25mm
Clear PET KSTU-10 10gf / 25mm 0.025~0.1  
Clear PET KSTU-15 15gf / 25mm
Clear PET KSTU-25 25gf / 25mm
- Color : If you need other colors Please contact us