KSC 시리즈는 고산티엠 고유의 점착기술로 개발된 새로운 표면 보호용 PE 제품입니다. KSC 시리즈는 LCD BLU 제품의 공정 또는 운송, NON-GLARE 하드코팅 아크릴 패널 또는 PET 제품의 표면 보호용으로 최적화 되었습니다. 본 제품은 광학 필름, 플라스틱 제품등의 표면을 완전하게 보호함으로서 여러 공정 중 발생하는 불량률 감소에 크게 기여합니다. KSC 시리즈는 생산현장에서부터 운송까지 제품 표면의 품질을 유지시켜 줍니다.

The KSC series are new P.E surface protection material developed by kosan's own original adhesive synthesis technology. It is particularly suitable for surface protection during processing or transport of BLU for LCD, Acrylic plate with hard coating / non-glare treatment and polyester film.
By properly protecting the surface of optical film and plastic parts, these products contribute largely to reducing defects during the various processes.
KSC Series products maintain the quality of the surface from the manufacturing site to delivery.
KSC series has the assorted adhesive on the surface of P.E film texture. It provides the adhesives the adhesive power firmly attachable to the surface of object and is easily removable at the same time. It does not leave any foreign stuff behind even after being detached. It prevents the surface of object from being damaged, impacted, contamination, discolored, etc, during the assembly, transportation, bending and drawing, and is good for long-term storage and easy to handle for transportation, thus minimizing the economic loss and increasing the productivity.
Product KSC-201 KSC-301 KSC-401 KSC-501 KSC-601
Thickness mm 0.050 0.060 0.080 0.100 0.150
Adhesive Strength g/25mm 5~10 5~10 5~10 5~10 10
Width mm 100~1800
Length m 200~2000